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Ink and Clog Studio

MECHAPAX Art Print (Night) *PRE-ORDER*

MECHAPAX Art Print (Night) *PRE-ORDER*

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"A MechaSoul adaptation of Poplab's mascot, Pax. Pax is the resident Street icon of Poplab and an everything-genius (as he would like to tell people). Some find him just a little too playful, while the more conservative ones would think he’s pretty much a havoc.
MechaSoul is an art style inspired by the psychological development and construction between man and technology, created by urban artist and illustrator Clogtwo.

Inspired by the living conditions in Singapore. A garden city whereby its resources are its habitants. Driven by a structured system that moves substantially fast towards a futuristic metropolis, harvesting the minds and body of human beings constantly, making the humans more of a machine within them. Where veins turn into wires and the muscles turn into mechanism parts. Hence, the name MechaSoul.

This masterpiece is produced by XM Studios with one-of-a-kind screen print boasting extremely intricate detailing - 25 colour layers. Adopting screen printing technique, it produces vivid colours, even on darker surfaces. The ink or paint also lies in layers on the surface of the paper, which gives the print a pleasingly tactile quality. While the complexity of the process puts a limit on the number of colours the printer can use, it allows for more intense colouring than is impossible to achieve with digital printing alone. This art print is specially made in the United States with premium craftsmanship and XM Studio's trademark quality finish. This is the ultimate centrepiece, exuding a bold and commanding presence.

24"" width x 36"" height"

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